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Mercedes C300 Review


Mercedes has a long history of manufacturing luxury cars; in recent times they have been offering a high edge technology in their cars. Whether is their design, comfort or the engine they have been leading in all the areas in the automobile industry.

On September 20, 2018 Luxury automobile manufacturer Mercedes has come up with few cars in C series model and one of the top-notch models is Mercedes C300. In this article, we have come up with the review of this model and we will let you know all the features of it.

  • Design and Interior:

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Mercedes C300 is no doubt one of the best-looking cars in the world right now. With lots of changes from the previous 2018 model, the company has come with some refreshments in the 2019 model. In the new model, you will find new front grille and flanking headlamps that have a more proportional look to the rest of the car. Inside the car, you will find a very premium – quality finish in the interiors of the C300 model. The driving seat and the passenger seat are well treated with premium quality and leather finish seat along with you will find good space for legroom. For the upper space, the portion for the headroom is pretty decent as well and you will find a lot of space inside the car.

  • Engine and Performance:

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Mercedes C300 comes with very high-powered turbo engine which gives smooth performance. The car comes with one of the best engines provided by Mercedes the 4 Matic system with 2.0L turbos. Providing energy of 1256 BHP, the engine provides huge power and can take the speed of 0 to 100 km/hr in just 5.6 seconds which makes this car a total beast in the sports segment as well.

  • Pricing:

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The Mercedes C300 starts with a price range of US $43,800 plus delivery, and it will go up to $98,450 with the top variant which is yet a decent price with all those features provided.

If you want to buy beauty and beast all together then the Mercedes C300 is a great vehicle for you. You will find all the premium features in all the segments with engine, design or power, this Mercedes vehicle will never disappoint you. We hope you liked this article and wish to see you soon. Thank you for reading.

Xe Mercedes C200 Review


Well to start with, Mercedes as such is a renowned brand who has been absolutely brilliant with their build quality, Engineering and what not? They have a dedicated team wherein they come up with great aerodynamic design. They are mostly into sports car and not commuter ones with lesser priced versions, sedan class cars are the new trend from Mercedes wherein they have a roof top for each and every variant. Well having said that, when it comes to price, sky is the limit! Top of the German brands like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes have major competition among them. Well again choosing the best out of the three is left to you. Let us now discuss about Xe Mercedes C200 price, crash test, reviews, and specifications.

  • Price 

Mercedes Xe C200 is a sedan class car which might cost you approximately around INR 43Lakhs. When you compare the cost with the other two players, Mercedes Benz is expensive. A brand value for Mercedes is much higher than the other two German brands but it doesn’t mean that Audi and BMW are below par. If you’re expecting same features, you can close the deal within 40Lakhs Audio A4 sedan car.

  • Features

C-class Benz looks amazing. Design and engineering is made at top notch. Germans are known for their brains and hence you can see the outcomes. This car comes 9-speed automatic transmission. It also has a bulky 1.5L petrol engine. It never compromises with the power as the car goes butter smooth at high speeds which we can never imagine taking the car on a spin on Indian roads.

There’s additionally a fully digital instrument cluster, stunning ambient lighting fixtures at some point of the synthetic leather upholstered cabin, that’s difficult to inform from actual cow disguise. A vital 10.3-inch records and entertainment screen for getting access to the navigation (and matched smartphones) is likewise a part of the deal.

  • Safety

Image result for C200 Benz airbag

If we have to consider C200, it lacks some of the high end safety features like the top end variants. This mid-sized Mercedes Benz C200 comes along with 9 airbags which are placed accordingly. It also has a Anti-Skid Braking System which works with 100% precision and also has some caution warning in the display.

Hope the article has given the useful reviews of Mercedes C200. Stay connected to us for more such sections. Thanks for reading!